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Battery Services in Williston, VT

Experiencing issues starting your car? Notice your lights getting dimmer or having electrical issues in your car? It may be time for a battery test and replacement. That’s where Berlin City Kia of Vermont in Williston, VT comes in, our expert technicians are ready to help you with all your battery issues and more. With every visit to our service center, you can expect a complimentary inspection that will include us testing and inspecting your batter for signs of any issues.

From turning on your engine and lights to enjoying all your entertainment features and accessing all your car’s safety technology, having a fully charged and reliable car battery is essential to your everyday driving needs. And if you need a new battery, we offer a range of warranty-backed batteries perfect for your vehicle’s needs.

Battery Inspections & Replacements

Most car batteries can go for thousands of miles without service. However, everyday driving conditions — such as climate and driving habits — can affect the life of your battery. And over time, your car’s battery will naturally begin to lose its charge. This will begin to make it harder to start your car and become less reliable in the winter.

This is because colder temperatures make it more susceptible to draining and deterioration, specifically when your weaker battery goes from day to night and the temperature drops significantly. That’s why routine battery inspections are essential to help maintain your battery’s reliability, potency, and to look out for any corrosion or leakage. So whenever you stop by for any maintenance, our team will also inspect your battery and all its terminals to ensure it is clean and has an adequate charge to get you where you need to go.

If you end up needing a new battery, we offer Genuine Kia batteries that meet or exceed Kia’s reserve capacity specifications and cold cranking amps specifications. We are even able to install that quickly and if you run into any issues down the road, all Kia dealerships nationwide can service these batteries.

Kia Battery Dying Warning Signs

Battery Dying Warning Signs

Know all the signs that it may be time for a battery check and/or replacement before it’s too late, including:

  • Kia ignition won’t start
  • Dimmer interior and exterior lights
  • Display or air conditioner malfunctions
  • Issues charging devices
  • Electronic issues
How To Test Your Kia Car Battery

How to Test your Kia Car Battery

  1. Turn off your Kia vehicle and all of its accessories. Accessories include any interior or exterior lighting and the car radio.
  2. Set your multimeter to 20V DC.
  3. Place the red positive multimeter lead on the battery’s positive terminal (indicated by a + symbol or red cover).
  4. Place the black negative multimeter lead on the battery’s negative terminal.
  5. Read the outputted measurement on the multimeter. If you are getting a reading of fewer than 12.4 volts then you may need to charge the vehicle’s battery.

Vehicle Service At Berlin City Kia

Why Service at Berlin City Kia of Vermont?

In addition to offering quick and competitively priced services by certified technicians, we also offer a comprehensive selection of Genuine Kia Parts and Accessories, so you can accessorize your vehicle to fit your style. Whether you purchased your vehicle from us or not, Berlin City Kia of Vermont is your #1 destination for auto service and repair in Williston, VT. And if you’re interested in bundling and saving, our Berlin City Care Program offers a variety of services at unbeatable prices! Additional benefits of servicing or repairing your vehicle with us include:

Battery Service FAQs

Keep your vehicle’s performance and safety in check by coming in for an annual inspection.

Kia-certified technicians have been specially trained to understand and operate on Kias, knowing all their features, parts, and manufacturer recommendations. Additionally, Kia-certified technicians will always work with your warranty to ensure you’re always covered and only getting original parts.

  • 3 Oil & Filter Changes: Regular oil changes will extend your vehicle’s life!
  • 3 Tire Rotators: Receiving regular tire changes will help protect your tire tread.
  • 3 Multi-Point Inspections: Multi-point inspection will let you know how your car is doing before a larger problem arises!

Car batteries should last from 3 to 5 years.

Most manufacturers recommend that you get your battery tested at least twice per year. If you live in a colder climate or are expecting an unusual cold snap, you should stop by for an inspection.

Batteries can be drained if you leave your lights on, if you’re experiencing significant temperature fluctuations, and if your battery has corrosive damage.

The average cost of a battery can range from around $300.

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